In line 7 the cache is checked if for an existing translation of the next basic block that has to be emulated Static analysis gathers information about the program by investigating its source code or its binary representation animalIX as well as IY are pure abstract base classes that is they only contain pure virtual functions Another task the virtual memory manager is responsible for is to perform paging So without dynamic linking there is no advantage over monolithic applications The common way to load a DLL is via the Win32 APIs LoadLibrary set of functions plasmatron2 subsystems fell almost completely into oblivion Together with COMs version management that utilizes the Windows registry as well this enables client components to react to new versions in a sensible way Since we perform this analysis on hardware level, we need an emulation environment that we can instrument for our needs ion cannonBesides the similarities of these approaches our technique in addition uses a combination of dynamic analysis and taint analysis that unifies the advantages these approaches bear with them