Then the virtual address of the memory location at that the write access took place is successively checked against these memory areas This can be necessary for example, if the network hardware is to send packets that contain tainted data, or if a tainted buffer is written to a file on the file system The Qemu monitor can perform several administrative tasks on the emulator, such as changing removable media, inspect memory locations of the guest system, and list statistics that are collected during emulation gerridaeIf none is found then in line 11 a new translation is started and finally in line 14 the result is executed, before the loop starts again at line 7 Since the meaning of a component system is to have components interacting with each other there has to be a standard way to do so statements that according to the specified interface identifier places the a pointer to the interface in the second parameter, if this interface is implemented by the component is an implementation of the windows user interface and responsible for window handling and drawing and user interface components ion source instruction provides a means to scan a string for the occurence of a certain value exe process then waits for the return key to be pressed upon which it will terminate itself ion sourceThese rules sum up for the so called policy