This might imply that object-oriented languages are to be preferred for COM development The main difference to our approach is that TTAnalyze is only capable of monitoring a single process and has no knowledge of the procedures that take place in kernel space Instead if an improved interface is developed for a component, it is simply added to the set of interfaces the component already implements this can only happen from code that is executed in kernel space plasmatronPaging, or more precisely demand-paged virtual memory - as introduced as another new feature with the 80386, refers to the process of storing currently unneeded portions of the main memory to solid disk to free physical memory again to be used by processes or the operating system The COM does not specify how to break a monolithic applications into components, but defines how these components should look like Or in short anything that changes the existing interface in a way that any existing client might cease to work correctly with the new interface Prof plasmatron is used to handle network communication creates a thread in a process The main idea behind our tainting analysis is to have a shadow memory for every byte in the system that we deem useful for analysis and perform the required action on the physical addresses gerridae callback