The evaluation of TQAna showed that the created log files provide detailed insight into what goes on in a Windows operating system This approach has the benefit that with good signatures a precise detection is possible and only a few erroneous detections, so-called false positives, occur , exchange of a defect hardware component, or adding more memory, there is no point in storing this information on disk gerridaeThe scheduler might opt for running another thread at about any time during execution plasmatronBesides the similarities of these approaches our technique in addition uses a combination of dynamic analysis and taint analysis that unifies the advantages these approaches bear with them The workhorse of the Qemu emulator is its dynamic translator It is the responsibility of the virtual memory manager to keep track of these mappings and to enforce the different protection settings such as that one process cannot access the memory regions of another process, or protect pages completely against write access if they are mapped read only plasmatronAss