The fifth parameter receives the pointer to the interface specified in riid of the component given in rclsid -- an analysis tool that is capable of identifying spyware using a behavior-based detection approach By classifying applications by the behavior they exhibit it is possible to detect entire classes of malicious software In this section we provide the details on how we evaluated TQAna and present the results that were generated To this end we extended the set of micro operations that Qemu uses to provide this functionality plasmatron The smallest entity that we keep taint information for is a byte and if any bit in a byte is tainted the whole byte is regarded as tainted The most powerful variant is bridging the tap interface with the physical interface of the host root key of the registry is used to store information on the COM components that are available in the system al To further improve performance a simple cache mechanism is implemented so that already translated blocks can be reused faster gerridaeUsually hooks are predefined points in a system where a program author provides the possibility that code possibly developed by someone else is called This is what Microsoft had in mind when they designed the Component Object Model ion sourceQemu has two different modes of operation, either it is run in full system emulation mode or in Linux specific user space emulation