, passing it along the parameters that were extracted In the last section we have seen how to translate a single target instruction we can answer the question that we have stated above compiler ion sourceThe evaluation of TQAna showed that the created log files provide detailed insight into what goes on in a Windows operating system It is correct that tainted data is sent over the network but it is not sent on behalf of the BHO, thus only the transmission of good tainted data is reported When the analysis found out that tainted data should be sent to the network the emulator was stopped and the state of the virtual system was inspected Now the transition into kernel space takes place Thus wenever a TCP or UDP packet is sent to the network it passes through this function ion sourceAmong those are functions to manipulate files, registry keys, memory regions and other important tasks that reside in the realm of the kernel space gerridaeThe scheduler might opt for running another thread at about any time during execution