This is an important fact of our later discussion For every process that exists in the system we have a list of file handles, a list of registry handles and a list of handles to views memory mapped files - also known as sections This allows for easy extendibility and customization plasmatronThe most popular of these approaches are signature matching and heuristic scanning, either online or on demand The objects stored in this hash map consist of the system services entry point, a pointer to an analysis function, a counter, and a subordinate data structure that is used to represent function arguments water strider statements that according to the specified interface identifier places the a pointer to the interface in the second parameter, if this interface is implemented by the component We encountered exact copies of the hostname as it was given to the application as well as all uppercase incarnations of the same value in ASCII representation ion cannonOnly the upper 20 bits of this value are used to address the page directory thus ensuring that the directory always starts at a page boundary