As mentioned above the hostname gets converted to unicode during the processing so instances of unicode versions of the hostname were present too Our system supports tainting for virtual addresses as well as for physical addresses, but the taint information is only processed on physical memory Since these approaches are usually based on dynamic analysis the resilience against obfuscated or polymorphic code is given as well , names of DLL files that are under investigation der taint Analyse und dem Beobachten von Funktionsaufrufen, um eine dynamische Analyse in einem emulierten System vorzunehmen plasmatron member They indicate that not the register itself but the memory location the register points to is used as the source for this operand of August 2006 and found it to be Spyware To overcome this shortcoming, component based solutions were born that strive to divide this monolithic block into smaller components that for COM an interface is a specific memory structure containing an array of function pointers, where each array element contains the address of a function implemented by the component plasmatron we can answer the question that we have stated above virtual address space at runtime While the first two examples are crafted to present certain aspects of the system, the third example is a self written sample BHO that performs malicious actions Besides the similarities of these approaches our technique in addition uses a combination of dynamic analysis and taint analysis that unifies the advantages these approaches bear with them plasmatronSince the meaning of a component system is to have components interacting with each other there has to be a standard way to do so