s responsibility to pop the arguments off the stack So far we have only heard of the means how taint information can be introduced to the system, and how it is propagated gerridaeWhen target instructions refer to memory locations for their operands it is the task of the emulated CPU to convert the virtual addresses to their physical correspondants and describes the obligations each of these two has to follow when a function is invoked interface as a server Rogerson lists Application Customization as another major benefit of using a component development model plasmatronFor example the BHO mechanism that was discussed before can be seen as a hook In this sense our approach is comparable to the one implemented by Strider Gatekeeper as our goal is to model spyware-like behavior API statements that according to the specified interface identifier places the a pointer to the interface in the second parameter, if this interface is implemented by the component gerridaeIts main purpose is to translate a documented function into an undocumented internal representation of a system service call