virtual memory space where it was loaded Since the scheduler decides what thread to run next on the CPU there needs to be some means to pause the execution of the current thread and start running another thread instead -Ing This can be necessary for example, if the network hardware is to send packets that contain tainted data, or if a tainted buffer is written to a file on the file system plasmatronIt is correct that tainted data is sent over the network but it is not sent on behalf of the BHO, thus only the transmission of good tainted data is reported The analysis showed that the only parts of the packet that were tainted were those originating from the host name instruction provides a means to scan a string for the occurence of a certain value Everytime a target operation includes an input operand that has to be read from memory, the taint status of the information that has to be read is checked in the shadow memory plasmatron statements that according to the specified interface identifier places the a pointer to the interface in the second parameter, if this interface is implemented by the component The capability to link dynamically is needed to let the application evolve in a sensible manner, thus not having to redistribute the whole application if only some components change gerridae This calculation has to be done at every memory access thus again Qemu uses a cache to speed things up