parameter will receive a numeric value indicating the outcome of the system service By recalling that a translation block does not contain any jumps and thus consists of only successive instructions we perform the above checks on a translation block granularity gerridaeIf we wish to cover cases in which tainted values are used as address operators we have to extend the policy and implement address tainting Since our project heavily relies on the full system emulation capabilities of Qemu we take a closer look on how this is achieved The parameter structure is used to pass information from callbacks that are invoked before a system service is executed to callbacks that are executed when the system service returns plasmatrondll, we had the entry points that are used to invoke the system services By creating component libraries a software vendor can use the same components for many different applications and has to manage only one instance of the library As mentioned above the operating system manages a list of the modules that are loaded for each process is used plasmatronThe workhorse of the Qemu emulator is its dynamic translator