and the data that was written These values are responsible for holding the actual information interface of the web browser application is needed that keeps track of which portions of virtual memory correspond to what part of the physical memory where the data is stored Since we perform this analysis on hardware level, we need an emulation environment that we can instrument for our needs gerridaeThe objects stored in this hash map consist of the system services entry point, a pointer to an analysis function, a counter, and a subordinate data structure that is used to represent function arguments In fact the ProcessModuleInfo structure hosts three different lists of the modules in different order Most of the available anti spyware toolkits use detection techniques that are signature based, thus there is, besides the limited usability of heuristic searches, no possible way to detect previously unknown malware threats Besides the similarities of these approaches our technique in addition uses a combination of dynamic analysis and taint analysis that unifies the advantages these approaches bear with them The x86 paging scheme allows the address space to be divided into 4kb or 4Mb sized pages plasmatron parameters that are used for TCP and UDP communication that contains parts of the log file captured during the analysis This section covers components in the sense of the COM and how they are used plasmatronAs taint sensitive sink we label certain parts of the system that respond if they receive tainted data